Kyte Sleep Bag Swaddler

Kyte Sleep Bag Swaddler

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The sleep bag swaddler from Kyte Baby functions as both a swaddle and a 1.0 TOG sleep bag, allowing you to use it safely beyond the swaddling stage. This innovative masterpiece provides comfort all night while adhering to all AAP safe sleep guidelines. The thoughtful design features a removable Velcro band that helps keep your swaddler snug until you’re ready to transition to a sleep bag when your baby can roll over.

You’ll be obsessed with the buttery soft rayon made from bamboo, and your little one’s sensitive skin will thank you for soothing irritation and signs of eczema. With a beautiful blush color, it is just as cute as it is functional. This sleep bag swaddler also features a 1.0 TOG, perfect for little ones that don’t usually get too hot or too cold at night.

You and your newborn will enjoy a cozy night's sleep with the sleep bag swaddler.

  • 97% Rayon made from Bamboo, 3% Spandex
  • 1.0 Tog Sleep Bag in Size XS
  • Extremely soft, breathable, stretchy and luxurious fabric
  • Fully removable swaddle wrap attached to the sleep bag via Velcro, which allows for different positioning of the swaddle as baby grows.
  • Swaddle piece features 2 layers of buttery soft bamboo rayon, an adjustable Velcro strip closure to form a perfect swaddle on babies of different sizes.
  • Removable elastic loop fastened with a snap closure
  • When used on its own after swaddling piece is removed, sleep bag is designed to safely fit a newborn up to 13 lbs.
  • J-shaped double zipper on the sleep bag for convenient diaper changes
  • US and International patent pending
  • Use as a wearable blanket over pajamas for safer, cozier sleep